Random update bib bop

2014-07-20 19:43:00 by VooDooDollMaster

  • I have been slacking off on the few commissions I have. Sorry sorry. I'm never in the mood these days.
  • Tokyo Ghoul is pretty cool but there's a lot of focus on tentacles which is coolish I guess but not what I initially was hoping for. I read the manga too and my favorite characters won't show up in the anime for a while. (Bin Brothers and Ayato. Also Tatara) I recommend checking it out. Anime is censored though. Maybe they'll uncensored it for the DVD/Blu Ray release) I'm going to buy a mask for the series and take shitty edgy pictures.
  • Kuroshitsuji(Black Butler) Book Of Circus is awesome and you should all watch it. It's way better than the shitty original anime. And no the series is actually not a yaoi.
  • Bought Thirteen Ghosts because I've been putting it off for too long and it's one of my favorite movies. 
  • I now own the Berserk DVDs and the anime artbook. I liked the anime back when my friend first made me see it but I finally actually own it now. Also I am caught up with the manga (I managed to do this recently)
  • I played the Destiny beta and gameplay wise it's pretty fun but aesthetically it's not memorable. Just seems like your typical sci fi universe. But like I said, gameplay at least sorta makes up for that
  • I got Earthbound from Club Nintendo as my reward for hitting Platinum.
  • I'm still waiting for Smash Bros 4....and Daisy will never be in it. >inb4 "oh she'll maybe be a costume :)"
  • Sorry I haven't been posting as much art lately. Most of my stuff is sketchy doodle type work not suited for here. Doodle comics like this. I enjoy making these things more because I feel like I don't have to try as hard. 
  • 1539187_140590206521_binbros1.png



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2014-07-20 22:00:45

You can post sketchy things, just don't tag them for the Art portal, this way your followers can see em.
Hope you can finish up those commissions, I'm very happy with the Ripley you did, you don't have to do anymore if you don't want to. Just find your center, stick to what makes you happy.

VooDooDollMaster responds:

no i dont mind doing more. im just procrastinating.


2014-07-21 00:45:30

Do you have a job outside drawing?

VooDooDollMaster responds:

Sadly no. I have a short baby sitting job but thats done with i think


2014-07-21 15:22:35

http://ktullanyx.newgrounds.com/ seems to be doing well doing commission work via (mostly through her nsfw) tumblr, though I doubt her new posters and such are gonna be profitable. The same's kinda true of Shadman, though I did buy a poster of his last month, and may buy another one this month, for a friend of mine who likes Korra...


2014-07-21 21:45:00

Do you have a Steam account ? I recently played Don't Starve, and I find the art in this game truly adorable, I just want to share good things !

VooDooDollMaster responds:

I do but im rarely on it because i dont have an actual computer that can do anything. can barely play youtube.


2014-07-22 17:22:02

Berserk is awesome! I haven't caught up on the manga though. How much does that art book cost?

VooDooDollMaster responds:

like it varies but it can be around $40. If you get it used.


2014-07-31 22:42:45

I found this while lurking my fans http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/voodoodollmaster/mileena-s-teddy Cute scribblings seem to be most welcome here!