Gaming update

2013-09-04 14:15:07 by VooDooDollMaster

Higurashi Daybreak arrived as did Eyeshield 21 portable edition. I also plan to get Fat Princess Fistful Of Cake since I worship the PS3 version on a ridiculous level. I still plan to get the Corpse Party games of course. But after that I'm not entirely sure what other games I'd want to add to my PSP collection. >Inb4 recommendations for some portable Final Fantasy game.

I recently got Odin Sphere and I'm also slightly interested in Dragon's Crown. As well as Hatsune Miku Project Diva F. But both of those can wait. I probably should go ahead and purchase Parasite Eve II....(Next time I get a psn card I might) I'll probably never get Pirate Warriors 2 unless I get a imported physical copy for $10 which will never ever happen.

I need to get into the Metroid games and I will do so when I am able. Wee. I also want to get back into Sonic even though so many of the games are ughhuuuugfh


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2013-09-06 07:20:40

Are there many games you buy, you don't bother to finish playing? Like if they're: too hard, too lame, too unenjoyable? I think I can list about 4 or 5 games....

VooDooDollMaster responds:

Some i think. Some i just procrastinate on


2013-09-06 15:59:45

Hmm? Care to give a number? I don't think I ever procrastinated to the point of just giving up... must be a male thing. Just decided it wasn't within my ability to complete :\ And after a few decades of gameplay....