Fatal Frame on PSN

2013-04-12 14:17:31 by VooDooDollMaster

It's a great game. I luckily got a brand new copy of the game for ps2 before it came out (I prefer disks over digital)

It has some of the best atmosphere I've seen. And the controls are pretty decent. Some of the voice acting can be wonky but that has no real effect on the quality of the game imo. It's a great survival horror game and if you're interested in the genre or have yet to try Fatal Frame out, I recommend doing so.

I've yet to beat it though. I might have to restart the game. Let me explain. The ghosts can get tedius towards the end. I took too long to get really pro at not getting hit by ghosts since the early beginning and used up all my herbal medicines and such early on. And I'm currently fighting this boss ghost that appears every time you pick up 1 of 4 items. So you have to fight him 4 times. (Well there's four items, and he appeared at 2 of them. I've yet to beat him a second time but i assume he appears at the other 2 items) Not to mention SOME STANDARD GHOSTS RESPAWN JUST CAUSE. So it's not like a set amount of ghosts. The game would probably be a lot easier if it weren't for that. This game can be pretty hard. (I still love it though I don't care how hard it is xoxoxox)

In the EARLY beginning the ghosts are kinda easy but don't be fooled ok they'll eventually start moving in circles (VERY FAST) and literally disappear and sometimes attack you from behind (No you can't dodge)

TL;DR: This game is one of the best survival horror games ever but it can be a total bitch sometimes


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2013-04-13 03:19:06

My cousin still has his original game from over a decade ago, no doubt covered by as many years of dust. He had to restart twice (conserving health weeds), and from what I saw, it was a very atmospheric game. And frustrating. Waiting for minutes at a time, damn sneaky breeding apparitions.

Do I remember this right?: sometimes the patterns of the ghosts were pretty complex, and would fool you into thinking the whole pattern only took 2 minutes, but in fact was a lot longer (progressively so)?

VooDooDollMaster responds:

From what I saw there wasn't really set patterns exactly. It was just completely tedius and at random. The best thing to do is when you can't see where the ghost is, move a bit from where you were standing, like the other side of a room. It helps SOMETIMES to avoid them from appearing behind you and hitting you instantly. But it only works so well.


2013-04-13 12:43:08

I never even heard of it before, but maybe I should give it a try. How is it compared to the original Resident Evil games? Any similar?

VooDooDollMaster responds:

I would suggest watching gameplay videos first. It's not quite like Resident Evil per say. But there's similar similarities sorta.


2013-04-19 01:24:37

Thanks for your response... had to re-read it recently to let it soak in. You pretty much have to keep your back to the wall the whole time in that game.
Can't imagine how many video games I've played now that I'm... older. Could you hazard a guess at how many games you bought and played?

(Updated ) VooDooDollMaster responds:

no. but it's a big number. i still have pretty much every game i've ever owned but i don't want to recount them. and it still wouldnt amount to how many games i've actually played