Rosalina drawing in progress

2013-03-01 17:19:10 by VooDooDollMaster

Despite Daisy being my favorite princess...somehow I always end up going with Rosalina. I guess cuz with her I can do space backgrounds and use certain colors...i guess? 86 anyway here is a little preview. I'm going for solid sharp coloring but also adding some chalk effects.


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2013-03-01 23:08:28

Nice, finally got a good look at your avatar picture.
Poofy blonde eyelashes? Looks great, graceful!

VooDooDollMaster responds:

yeah i've seen other artists do matching hair color eye lashes before and i've always been kinda eh yet fascinated by it. So thought i'd try it


2013-03-17 03:30:49

Been doing sooo many Animal Crossing pics! Really like the music player on your tumblr site, great selections! I saw yet another RE movie at the library... should I keep watching these? Their CGI movies aren't bad at all. found some decent things there :)