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2013-02-02 06:23:28 by VooDooDollMaster
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Revelations sales on consoles may possibly have an affect on where Capcom takes Resident Evil.

First off. Totally up for a reboot. The series should have never switched genres. RE4 should have never been made. They should have stuck with the 3.5 beta. And then maybe make a couple more games and then just stop the series. (Not every thing needs to go on forever)

The way I currently look at it, if RE gets rebooted and it's a true return to Survival Horror (Not a half assed attempt like Revelations) then I'll get it and be happy. I don't value the characters or story at this point anymore. I just want good gameplay again. So even if the remake TOTALLY changes everything about the story and Jill and Chris and whatever, I'll at least be happy with great OLDSCHOOL gameplay. Hell I don't even need the old characters. Have new characters.

Of course this won't happen because of Capcom and this fucking fanbase who creams over RE4 and any half assed survival horrish feels slapped onto shooting games.. (Lost in Nightmares/Revelations) The most we'll ever get is just rehashings of RE4 and Revelations. That will be our "survival horror". That will be the "Return to Resident Evil's roots". And a lot of the fans will be happy about it. I fucking won't be satisfied though... But you know who cares what the old school fans right? It's not like they matter. Or so the kids say these days....or rather YEARS.

If it gets rebooted and it's a bad reboot or is just more of the same shit we already have, then I just won't fucking get it. Simple as that.

Regarding Revelations sales on consoles having an affect on the series future...well just refer to what I said above. Because Revelations is better than 6 and is somewhat "scary", fans will eat it up and think "This is good enough please give us moar of the same". Revelations, in my opinion, isn't that great. Completely overrated. But a lot of fans will be deluded into thinking it's good soley because it's "scarier" than 6. People loved Lost In Nightmares because it was "pretty creepy" and you felt a little more vulnerable at times. But come on. Is it really revolutionary? Is it on par with Resident Evil 1 and 2 or 3? No. But fans dig it because it's better than the rest of RE5. Some of these fans seeking horror or old school RE feels seem almost so desperate that they'll accept any attempts at being kind of like the old games rather than push Capcom to go further into the old direction.

However there luckily ARE fans who do try and pressure Capcom into doing just that. Some fans aren't going to just settle for Revelations and think that's all we really need. Bless those people.

Do I have faith in Capcom that we can ever return Resident Evil to greatness? Haha...not really. But if they do it'll be a nice surprise.

Sometimes I feel like I'm just spewing out rehashings of what my friends have been saying but I just can't help but agree with them. A lot of my friends have helped me grow as an RE fan. I have a lot of respect for them.

Let me go ahead and get this out of the way before I'm lumped into this group. I am not the "I WANT RESIDENT EVIL GAMES TO BE SCARY AGAIN!" kind of fan. What the hell does "scary" even mean exactly? What do these people mean when they say that? Too vague. Stop using the word "scary" to describe what you want, guys. ACTUALLY DESCRIBE WHAT YOU WANT. It's not exactly "scary" that I want. I want good atmosphere. I want the old effective music. I want the old mechanics and gameplay. I want the strategy and the limited ammo. I want the backtracking and the puzzle solving. I would like the old tank controls + fixed cameras as well PREFERABLY. Same with pre rendered backgrounds. Also preferably.

"Rev did a lot of that"

A watered down version, yeah. And then it would rip us out of it and put us in a "SHOOT ALL DA 50 HUNTERS PEW PEW RATATATATATATATATA!!!!" segment.

The best idea. Make some games 100% for the action shooter fans. And make some games 100% for survival horror fans. (No more Revs where it tries to do both) Hell. I don't mind if the main series stays action shooter fan focused. You guys can have that and enjoy it. As long as survival horror people get something, I'm fine with settling for spin off titles. That's all we really want. SOMETHING.


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2013-02-02 07:18:11

I played RE 1 and 2... then saw most of the others on my friends PS2 and PS3.
Despite the loading screens and dying for ammo, the first 2 were better, sure.
The real zombies are the ones running the big software companies. Anytime a movie/show/game/productofanykind is successful, the jig is up. Sometimes the fans are to blame, but more often, it's the greed of 'more' that does it.

VooDooDollMaster responds:

In this case, the fans and capcom are to blame.

And it's why we'll never return to the old games. Because the fans are so fragmented now but the majority of the fans are pro RE4 thus Capcom will listen to them because majority brings in the most money.


2013-02-02 08:17:20

I played some great user mods of Half-Life that really bought the creep back into games. I guess games like F.E.A.R. did too, kinda.
Anyway, really appreciate your insights into gaming. If you wrote stuff like this 10-15 years ago online, a game magazine (or newspaper) would've scooped you up for sure!

(Updated ) VooDooDollMaster responds:

Bleh that idea sounds meh. People always bitch about people with opinions. If i actually wrote stuff for magainzes I'd have hundreds of people bitching and just ugh...nooo. Not to mention my opinions about gaming related things are still in an evolving stage. Probably because I'm still young.


2013-02-02 09:55:55

I didn't agree with some of your past posts, but this one hits the mark, especially what you added on to this one. Not a lot of ppl have a gift for expressing themselves as well as you do.
I laughed, that's the main thing :3 I have a great respect for opinionated ppl; doesn't matter to me if I agree with them or not. It's the differences that make us (and life) so worth living!
Thanks for expressing yourself.


2013-02-07 06:21:56
The guy must be a TF2 fan as well, but thought this might get a chuckle :3

VooDooDollMaster responds:

Well yeah but it's irrelevant to this journal entry.