So I've decided I'm pretty unsatisfied with my current artist level

2012-12-28 23:20:44 by VooDooDollMaster

Like God damn I'm progressing way too slowly. There are people age 15-17 that are a thousand times better than me and it's because they actually studied.

So at some point I'm going to just do some anatomy studies and etc because I'm just disappointed that I can't draw the things I'd like to draw.

My motivation is so I can draw gay porn for newgrounds, make all my fans unfavorite me, and then get assassinated at the mall.

Adventure ho.


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2012-12-29 00:24:22

This may seem crazy
But studying porn may help
Helped me

VooDooDollMaster responds:

I plan to lol.


2012-12-29 02:54:04

Nothing like the right kinda motivation.... another NG success story in the making!


2013-01-04 22:55:14

hey! at least ur scouted most ppl dont even get that :(


2013-01-06 21:05:11

Get some drawings from "Grey's Anatomy". That should help with the more detailed body movements.


2013-01-07 19:43:50

Try and get yourself in the habbit of not drawing cartoon characters all the time. You've perfected that, move onto something else and improve as a creative artist.

VooDooDollMaster responds:

BUT THAT'S THE THING! I haven't even perfected human anatomy. So far from it actually. if you look at all my stuff you'll notice so many errors and not much improvment. The poses I do are always so...ugh.

But yes I will have to try to draw other things if i want to improve.


2013-01-07 19:44:05

Draw trees.