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New tumblr

2017-09-23 19:48:42 by VooDooDollMaster

So I went and decided to make a new tumblr blog. My old one was just a mess and I wanted to start over anyway. Actually I technically made 2 new blogs. FixedCamera is my new main+gaming tumblr. It'll be kinda what my old blog used to be before I drowned it in anime spam. ManipulatorShinsou will be my secondary side blog strictly for anime+manga. I did this because I like my stuff to be a little more focused. I'd like to keep them seperate. Plus it gives me more to do and I am very bored.


Megacon 2017

2017-05-31 19:41:27 by VooDooDollMaster


It went uhh. It was maybe one of my least fav con experiences. There wasn't much interesting stuff to me in the shops. Seemed like there was less anime and game stuff in comparison to western comics. They didn't even have 1 music or doujin section. And worse of all? I found out my wig does physical damage to me if I wear it too long. Namely the hair net. It put so much squeezing pressure on my head that I had a constant headache for the entirty I was there. But when I took it off I felt better. Until I woke up. And felt pain and welts where the hair net lining was on the top of my forehead. AND RED MARKS. Holy shit... I just was not prepared for this.

But On the flip side. A few people, maybe 4 or 5 if even, asked for my pic or complimented me. Wouldn't be surprised if they didn't all know who I was cosplaying. I also bought a replica sword of Vergil's Yamato from Devil May Cry. Got a female Inkling Splatoon plush and I also got the Darkstalkers OVA collection. Prices at these cons can be ridiculous so I didn't buy as much as I could. Not that there was much I wanted.

Me and my friend didn't stay long. I'm hoping the next time I go to another I enjoy it more. In the meantime it would be nice if by a miracle I found even ONE picture someone took of me. For now all I have is my own pictures


Welcome To My Art Page

2017-03-16 21:12:08 by VooDooDollMaster


☣*:.。.Enjoy your temporary stay.。.:*☣

Did a gallery cleaning

2017-02-21 20:02:31 by VooDooDollMaster

Long overdue. After spending like 1 or 2 hours on deviantart trying to clean out my gallery I figured I'd do some more here. To be honest I could and maybe should delete a lot more but for now this cleaning has been good enough



So in the last 2 years or so I've gotten more and more into collecting figures. I think my first two figures were Shanks and Ace from One Piece back when I was a bit younger? Not because OP is my fav series but there are a few characters I reeeeeally like from that series hardcore level. Side characters of course though per usual. But anyway for a time it was mostly Shanks merch I collected. But then when they released Yugioh figures I got Jonouchi. Etc. Then when I got into HxH that's when I really started getting into it. I got so many Kurapika figures and 1 Killua. Also Jojo enticed me to get more. And ever since then I've just gotten more and more into the hobby to where now I am never satisfied until I get more. Just when you thought I couldn't be more of a weeb degenerate. Part of what has made it extra fun is being able to archive what I have and have some social interactions via MyFigureCollection.

My most recent figure and my personal #1 fav is POP Excellent Model Eustass Kid. I'm so crazy about it I'm going to buy a second one.

Also recently got the amazing Megaman X Designer figure, another fav of mine.

After that I have the Tiffany Bishoujo, Megaman X 4 inch Nel, Megaman.exe Nendoroid, Shanks POP, ARTFX J Yami Bakura, and Eustass Kid Grandline Men preordered. As well as at least 2 figs I am hoping for for Xmas and other stuff I plan to get. I DON'T DO HOBBIES IN MODERATION. I HATE MONEY.

 I went from barely really knowing how big the figure industry was and how much there is to buy to being neck deep in the hobby.


I got Don't Starve + Don't Starve Together

2016-11-06 12:31:07 by VooDooDollMaster

All I can do is make fire so far but whatever. I don't have PS + though so I can't actually play online yet. Which sucks because it looks like a fun multiplayer game. Edit: Got it on Steam so now I can play online


Hit 1000 NG fans

2016-10-10 18:24:27 by VooDooDollMaster

Thanks everyone

Ok so basically imagine Naruto with an (arguably) better aesthetic (I just never cared that much about Ninjas sorry), less shit characters, better main cast, no shitty female lead, art that slightly resembles Yusuke Murata's art (Eyeshield 21) who I think is kinda God tier tbh, and no shitty arcs that make you have to half hate the series more than you already did. Granted MHA is still ongoing so that can all change but eh...I'm having good feelings. Tbh a lot of it does feel like generic shounen, especially in the beginning and what not, but at the same time, if you like shounen then fuck it. You might have guesses as what to expect but it's definently not terrible. I can definently tell you that what got animated in season 1 is not even close to the good shit. That'll be coming season 2 and so forth.

  • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Eyes Of Heaven even though it looks like it's PS4 digital only which is the absolute worst case scenario for me :>
  • Resident Evil 2 remake although I am on the fence because I suspect it will either be like Resident Evil 4 or it will be like Revelations. Which is like Resident Evil 4. I can go into an entire rant on why I'm not blindlessly thrilled about the RE2 remake. And I have.
  • System Shock remake. Did you see this? It looks amazing.
  • The Attack On Titan came because I finally got over resenting it for not being as good as I wanted. I dunno I just had different expectations but either way the anime is moderately decent, large obnoxious fanbase aside or whatever your complaint. But anyway the game looks alright. So whatever, I'll get it.
  • Yooka Laylee and weirdly enough I haven't been cynical about it. I don't think it'll dissapoint. In this rare situation I have faith.

I don't know what's going to happen with e3 but I'll hope for the best and expect dissapointment baby.


Redoing old sketches

2016-03-24 00:44:44 by VooDooDollMaster


This is to show a side by side comparison of the old sketch next to the new recently drawn version. I used the old lines as a guide and sort of traced over them but artists evolve so naturally I want to do things differently than how I would have and did then. So you veer off the lines and do new things. It’s still the same image but at the same time it’s not anymore. It’s legit fun to do if you’re feeling lazy or having artists block. Because the ground work is already mostly done. All you have to do is refine and tweak your own shit.

This is me coloring it part 1 // part 2 (Unfortunately i didnt start recording till after i was like 30% done because I was worried about lag.

Here’s an example of how I did one of my newer pieces. Another old sketch I redid.